there are some things that are annoying abuut the Windows GUI. I was
wondering if someone here knew how I can get rid off them.

1. Flashing task bar item
I set my taskbar to autohide and to stay on top of other windows. But
whenever one of the items in the taskbar (hence a running program) is
flashing, the bar opens and becomes an obstacle on the screen. This happens
when, for instance, a program in the background opens a message popup.
I am eventually asking about this, because just now I was sitting at my
Win98 machine, where an item was flashing, but the bar stayed in the
background, which is exactly the behavior I would like to have.

2. Network connections need much time to initialise
After the first logon, it takes more than a minute until the network
connections are ready to use. Since this has been bothering me for quite a
time now, it immediately came to my attention that, after I made a fresh
installation of Windows, it did not take them this long, but only after
some time of use.

3. Balloons
When the connections are finally available, I get a balloon hint from the
wireless connection that there is no network connectivity. To make it
worse, every time I start the computer from hibernation or standby, I get
this again from the wireless connection.
I already unchecked the option to show a hint when there is no or a
restricted connection, but they are still showing up >:-(
And if I disable all balloon hints with TweakUI, the balloons themselves
are gone, but the task bar still pops up. So now I don't even know which
TNA icon to click in order to make the bar hide again, which leaves me with
even more windows opening up.

Phew. quite a lot of text, but I'd really apreaciate any advice you can
give me in order to sort these things out.
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