Long story short:

I uninstalled PC Anywhere, rebooted and screen flickers slowly
horizontally, then vgasave takes over. My video card shows up with an
exclamation point, and error code (41) in its properties description
tab. I'm convinced that PC Anywhere has modified a video-related file
or registry setting in order to enable it's remote display

Relevant system specs:

Dell Inspiron 8600
Windows XP Pro SP2
Geforce 4200 GO GPU
15.4" Display <-Widescreen format not supported, due to windows not
recognizing the geforce card's graphics functionality. So, the screen
appears stretched.

What won't work:

*restoring from last known good : tried it. apparently it's all good.

*restoring to a restore point : I knew I should have been setting these

*uninstalling & reinstalling video drivers : This isn't a driver or
directX related issue, i've tried already.

*running sfc /scannow in a cmd prompt : Apparently all windows system
resource files are OK, since i've tried this.

*reinstalling windows : unacceptable! Windows is running perfectly,
except for this. Being a fairly modular OS, I should be able to
eventually pinpoint the issue and correct it. It's possible that I need
to reinstall, but i'll save that as a last resort.

What might work:

*modifying file or registry setting : I'm fairly sure there's
someone can tell me exactly what needs to be done in order to fix this.
I just haven't met him or her yet.

Please help if you can. Thanks.