We are having trouble while trying to install the Office XP Language
Pack using Microsoft Intellimirror (GPO Management). We are deploying
the application to Windows XP SP2 fully patched machines that are built
with RIS. The machines currently have Office XP SP2 installed from
deployment. After we have installed the language pack we try and use
the help in any of the office applications and it is in Japanese. The
rest of the office installation seems to be fine it is only when using
the help portion of any of the applications that we have a problem.

We originally customised the installation using the Microsoft Office XP
Custom Installation Wizard and used the MST to modify the MSI when
deploying the software. This method left the machine in working order
(including language bar) only with the help unusable in all office

We then tried to write a custom MST applicable to the MSI using MASAI
Editor. This method also left the machine in working order (including
language bar) but again the help was all in Japanese.

I used FileMon to watch what files Word accesses when opening the help
and found 2 files that may have been of interest, MSOHLP10.CHM and
OFMAIN10.CHM seemed to be in use quite a bit when opening the help. I
tried to customize the MST so that these files were not written from
the MSI file. I even tried to remove these files one at a time. This
left the machine working but the Help was unusable at all.

NOW the weird thing that gets me is if I double click the MSI manually
on the same machine and answer all the prompts the same way that I have
set the MST to, the installation works perfectly and the Help stays in
English. However, as you are no doubt aware this is not a solution as
we are trying to deploy this to a few hundred machines and running it
manually on each is not an option.

Please help...