It is rather strange what I observe during the last days. I set the columns in my WindowsExplorer
(I hide the "type" and resize the width of the others). The I clicked the menu

Tools->FolderOptions->View->Like Current Folder

In the past this way always works fine.

However since a few weeks the new settings are overwritten in the registry.
When I reboot the f***ing "type" column is back again. Why?

I noticed that when I do a warm reboot (without an official shutdown) the settings are correct
as I saved and desired them.

So I assume that the normal official reboot reinitializes the WinExplorer settings.

Could that be?

How to switch off this remembering of default values?

Can it be that this is because of my recent installation of the newest (v.2.0) version of DotNet CLR?