I am not trying to put anybody off using Yahoo, but do you know that if you
have Yahoo as you homepage or even visit their webpage, Yahoo can then track
you wherever you go on the internet, and i do not mean by a cookie on your
I an realy not borthered about this but if it is true they should give
people the option to opt out if they wish, and there should be clear details
of this on their webpage.
I use the goggle toolbar which i find ok, be it's relly up to you which one
you want to use, if you like one use it.

curious wrote:
> Is Yahoo! Companion Toolbar sayign "Get rid of pop-ups before they pop
> up." a good oen to use?
> It is free and with that I will be able to do this: Create and
> organize bookmarks for your favorite web sites, and sign in with your
> Yahoo! ID to access them from home, work, school or even the Internet
> cafe in Timbuktu.
> It would also give me instant notification on new email arrival. How
> is it different from Yahoo Messenger, which I deleted for computer
> security and not usign anymore?
> Would it be safe to download and use it?