I have just bought a new computer and XP was already installed on it. I
transferred over most of the data from my old computer and the transfer
program found fonts on the new computer with the same names as Win95's
fonts . . . and so my transfer program asked me, as they do, whether I
"really wanted to replace" the XP fonts! Well, as my Win95 fonts were
so much smaller in comparison to XP's I went and pressed "Yes!"

But now I find that many onscreen fonts in XP and in Internet Explorer
seem a bit odd and below par, and so I suspect that Win95 fonts don't
work so well in XP, although they have the same names!

I have tried to find the XP fonts on my XP installation CD-ROM (in order
to try and copy them to fonts folder) but they are obviously "hidden"
inside some kind of cab or other file on the installation disc.

I have also tried using XP's "add/remove programs" function which allows
you to add Windows components, but unfortunately installing or
uninstalling fonts is not included in the menus.

I don't want to have to completely re-install XP from scratch because my
system was tweaked by a professional techie before leaving the computer
company I bought it from..

Any ideas ?