I have a session-saving cookie set by a program on my server....it has
worked fine for a long time on every platform I've tested. I haven't
recently altered the code, and I know the most recent revision worked
just fine cookie-wise (I haven't changed the cookie-related code in
over a year, anyway). It still does in Firefox (on both Windows and
GNU/Linux) but has ceased to work in IE and Opera. The cookie just
isn't stored. No trace of it. Does anyone know if Opera uses any IE
components that would make it have a problem that exists in IE? The one
idea I had for debugging was that I'd like to look at the HTTP headers
received by IE and Mozilla, to see if there are differences, but I can
find no way to view them. I also tried using System Restore, going back
to almost a month ago when I know it worked, and it was no good.