I have a question about resizing a Windows 2000 NTFS partition with
Partition Magic 8. Right now, I have an 80GB drive with 3 partitions:
2GB FAT32, 8GB NTFS for storage, 70GB NTFS for Windows 2000. They are
placed on the drive in that order. I recently obtained another 80GB
disk, and I've moved everything from the 8GB partition to the new disk.
Now to my question: If I delete the middle (8GB NTFS) partition, will
I be able to resize the 70GB partition to take up the extra space
without causing problems with NTLDR?

To illustrate:

|-2GB-|---8GB----|---------70GB-------| Before

|-2GB-|------------78GB---------------| After

I'd appreciate any input in this matter.

James Bailey