I have been looking but cannot for the life of me find a windows
explorer-type file manager program that will do one simple thing.

I want to be able to highlight a bunch of files from one folder, then
drag/drop or cut/copy/paste them into another folder, with the option
to auto-replace files if identical by name, size and modify date, or
auto-rename them if the filename is the same but the size or
modification date is different.

This seems like an extremely simple thing to want to do, and I have a
wonderful program called ThumbsPlus which does it perfectly for graphic
image files only, but I canot find any program that will do it for
regular files of any type.

What I *have* found are many far more complicated programs with all
sorts of sophisticated functions for folder synchronization, merging,
and combining, but they all require a seperate operation from a
specialized menu, and for my purposes it is crucial that I be able to
simply drag/drop or copy/paste on the fly, while browsing folders
windows-explorer-style, and still get the option to specify how I want
files with the same name to be treated.

I do NOT want to affect both folders (source and destination) unless
I've chosen Cut instead of Copy, and I don't want to create a brand new
synchronized folder. Just a simple, basic copy files command, where
files going into the destiantion directory will
replace/delete/overwrite absolutely identical duplicate files, or
auto-rename themselves if only the name is identical but the other
parameters are different.

If anyone knows of any such program (and can decipher what the heck I'm
babbling about) I would be most grateful to hear about it. It can be
commercial, shareware, freeware, whatever.

Thanks very much in advance for any replies...