I'm resurrecting my ancient KBGEAR player, and realized that the 64MB
MMC needs to be re-initialized with the original MMJB setup. I have the
requisite W98 machine set up; where I am fuzzy is this:
1) While the player sees (e.g. showing MEM 80) it won't play anything
on the external card.
2) Reloading old versions of MMJB won't allow going to the defunct
KBGEAR site to download - from OPTIONS - the JaMP3 plugin.
3) Was this even necessary from the original CD provided? Or was the
plugin for this unit pre-installed in that MMJB distro'?
4) Forget any newer-than '99 MMJB...they dropped the JaMP3 by then.

If anyone still has a working setup (e.g. Win98 & old MMJB that
recognizes both the internal and MMC), I'd love to hear from you: The
card is formatted to FAT16, allowing it to be seen by the player, but
without a working (old) MMJB + installed plugin, there is no way to do
a "MMJB Friendly" reformat of the card.

Help dust this off with me? THX!