I live in a remote village in South Africa with 1 other computer in the

My Win2000 PC got turned off mid-action when the solar power cut out
and the SYSTEM file is now corrupt. Windows won't boot.

I have a copy of my Windows 2000 Setup CD but it wasn't copied right
and so isn't a bootable CD.

I have scowered the web and found instructions for making a DOS
bootable CD but the problem is that the hard drive is NTFS. I have
added NTFSDOS to the bootable CD but this only allows me to see the
SYSTEM file but not to rename, replace or delete it.

I can't find another ntfs/DOS application that will allow me to
delete/rename/replace this file.

The other PC is a laptop - no floppy drive - so I can't make the
bootable Win 2000 floppies as described on bootdisk.com. However it
does mention somehow combining all the image files onto 1 bootable CD
but doesn't provide an explanation. I tried the Winimage application
mentioned, but this doesn't allow an image bigger than 2.88Mb which is
smaller than 4 combined floppies.

So 2 questions:
1. Does anyone know of a DOS application I can add to the DOS boot disk
that will allow me to replace the SYSTEM file?
2. Does anyone know how I could create a Win2000 boot CD from the 4 Win
2000 bootable floppy image files.

Many thanks for any help - this is driving me nuts!