I put some events in the Task Scheduler, Enabled them, and selected
"Start Using Task Scheduler. I also selected "Notify Me of Missed
Tasks." I rebooted a couple days later and got the following error
message during bootup: "Some tasks were missed because the task
scheduler service was not running..." A task should have ran last
night. The taskmanager status says "Missed," and the log says:

Some tasks may not have executed at their scheduled times between
5/1/05 1:00:01 AM and 5/10/05 2:17:37 PM, either because the Task
Scheduler Service was not running, or because the computer was
"Task Scheduler Service"
Started at 5/10/05 2:17:37 PM

The Task Scheduler icon is visible, and appears at bootup. System
Information -> Running Tasks shows mstask.exe and taskmon.exe are
running. The O/S is Windows 98SE. IE 6.0.

The computer was not turned off, and there is no "hibernating" mode.
(The standard Windows screensaver is running, and Power Setting ->
Standby/Turn off Monitor/Turn off Hard Disk are all set to Never.)

I get the error message whenever I reboot.

The following tasks are scheduled:
Norton Speed Disk:
Windows Maintenance:

The tasks are sheduled early AM on different days.

These applications run correctly when selecting 'run' from the task
manager window.

Any ideas on how to get the tasks to run?