Barbara de Zoete wrote:
> Op Sun, 24 Oct 2004 00:01:40 +0100, schreef Colin Wilson
> :
>>> Can anyone please fill me in. What is all that script stuff about?

>> Really clutching at straws here, since it sounds like you know how to
>> lock down your PC - could it be getting forced on you by your ISP ?

> This is almost the answer. It seems to be a script which is used by my
> UMTS-connection to compress images and data (the latter mainly by
> deleting all white space; so that's accounted for now too). I'm not too
> happy about it. I'll contact Vodafone on the subject.
> Thanks for thinking with me,

i also use vodafone umts and i'm not very happy about this lossy
'compression feature'. espacially during presentations it's not very
nice to press always a key combination according

"Shift+R improves the quality of this image.
CTRL+F5 reloads the whole page."

to get the real content. vodafone isn't able to / won't deactivate it.

so i have to do it myself. i studied the script bmi.js and found out
that it appends the string "bmi_orig_img" to images for the uncomressed
ones. that means there is a transparent proxy in the vodafone net which
filters all jpeg and gif images from a port 80 (http) (maybe some other
ports too: 8080, etc.) and compresses it with a data lossy encoding.

the script changes the url of the image to get the uncompressed version.
if the user presses a key combination (s.a.) for example the url
changes to

and for images generted dynamically
changes to

so, to get instantly the uncompressed images i have to change the html
source (according above) before loading the images. for example in a
local modified proxy or the browser.

any ideas how to do this?

thanks, jan