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The problem I have is on another computer that will no longer boot.
This happened when I requested PARTITIONMAGIC 8.0 to resize a partition
on a secondary IDE drive on the computer. Now, when the computer
reboots, the following PartitionMagic Screen appears:

PartitionMagic (xmnt2002.exe)

Powerquest PartitionMagic is preparing to apply changes.
Press any key to abort

Some disk activity occurs for several seconds.
System hangs (freezes) at this point.
PartitionMagic does not resize the partition. Pressing ANY KEY does
not exit this screen.

I then exit by turning off the PC. Turning the computer back on
results in the same screen freeze again.

Pressing F8 and attempting to run SAFE MODE does not work.
I have also tried to turn on boot logging.

Looking at the hard drive as a secondary drive on another computer
shows that no boot log was ever created.

What can I do to edit the drive so that Windows XP will boot again.