Someone I know recently got the upgrade to the latest version of Adobe
Photoshop. They have a high end PC running Windows XP home edition and
it was running really, really fast until the Adobe upgrade was loaded.
After that, the machine slowed down to a crawl. Let me get rid of the
usual questions you would ask me: checked for spyware, viruses,
perfect amount of RAM for this particular program, the drive is
regularly defragmented and checked by disc utilities. There do not
appear to be any hardware glitches. The prevailing theory is that
there is something within the Adobe CS code that is slowing the machine
down. Another theory is that there is a memory leak in Adobe CS that
has not been repaired. Last I heard, Adobe does not have a patch at
this time.Is this a wide-spread issue or a one off occasion. Looking
for thoughts and advice.