I was abroad, when I came back, the office workes told me one Win2k
(sp4) PC stopped working. So I used the Win2k setup CD to revive it
(with its OS repair option) and everything seemed to be back to normal,
except when I try to use windows explorer- whenever I (left) click on
any folder, it terminates with no error message. in "My computer"
browsing however, works, that is what's strange about it.

I have tried:

1. MS article 883791, "Explorer.exe repeatedly quits unexpectedly in
Windows XP" but the 'explorer' folder in 'policies' branch doesn't
exist. I created it anyway and set the UseDesktopIniCache to 0 as
suggested. Anyway I have windows 2000.

2. re-Installed Win2k SP4

3. Looked in the system/app/security events- nothing relevant.

4. uninstalled internet explorer and reinstalled + winupdate

5. scanned with Ad-Aware, Spybot S&D and Windows malicious software

6. tried to disable all explorer shell extensions using shellexview

7. killed all possible processes with

8. plucked hair out!

None of the above semeed to impress the problem...

Thanks for suggestions.