My Internet Explorer 7 stopped working. Now when I double click on it,
it does not load. However in the processes window I see IEXLPLORER
taking up 1005 of available CPU useage and the computer runs much
slower. Clicking "end process" does not end it. The only way to get rid
of it is to reboot.

This is on a factory install of Windows XP Home Edition w/ Service Pack
2 (SP2). eMachines 3200 MHz, 512 MB DDR. The computer is only about
two weeks old and IE was working fine before. I believe the problem
started when I added some XP accounts. I have since gotten rid of the
new accounts but that didn't help. I also did a "restore" to the day
before the problem started. Didn't help.

I initially thought that the problem would be easy to fix by just
reinstalling IE. However IE 7 is bundled with SP2 so I'd have to
reinstall SP2 on my computer. That looks like a major undertaking, if
it is even possible. IE 6 does not install at all because SP2 (with IE
7) is already installed.

For now I am just using Firefox. (Thank God for Firefox!) However,
until I get IE working again, neither Windows Update or the Support
Center work...

Any ideas or suggestions about how to proceed?