As the directory name implies the files in the directory are there to uninstall the hotfix. You can safely remove the directory. I have always found these directories to be useless. If the hotfix screws up something you probably won't be able to start windows to get access to the uninstall files.

Rod Jones wrote:
> After my last security update on Windows 2000, I was left with a number of
> folders under my WINNT folder, with names like '$NtUninstallKB823182$'. My
> machine is a P2 with smallish h/d and this has just about wiped out my
> remaining disk space.
> I can't imagine needing to back-out any of these fixes, so any ideas how to
> get rid of these folders without messing up the registry?
> Rod

Mike Walsh
West Palm Beach, Florida, U.S.A.