I tried to install a local printer (HP DeskJet 710C) in win2k. I
specified that the printer is connected to the LPT1 port, and selected
to install from a list. I selected "HP", then "DeskJet 710C".
The install starts, win2k starts to copy files, then a dialog window
pops up and says "Printer Driver Was Not Installed; Operation Could Not
Be Completed".
Microsoft has an article about this (but it is for winXP);

but it basically says to use a printer driver for win2k. And that is
exactly what I'm doing; win2k includes the printer driver for the HP
DeskJet 710C. In fact, if you go to www.hp.com and try to download a
printer driver for this printer (for win2k), it tells you that it is
already included in the operating system.

I have also read the printer troubleshooting faq from Microsoft, and
have checked that the spooller is running.

I have tried this on two machines now, one is running win2k sp4, the
other win2k sp2. Same problem on both machines.

Any hints on what to try next?

Or, if somebody have a working HP DeskJet 710C on win2k, could you
please tell me which files that belongs to the driver?
I tried to search through the *.inf files to find out, but didn't find
Torfinn Ingolfsen,