I've been admin on Win2k systems for years, but I just got my first
WinXP Pro system (yeah, yeah, I'm slow to convert)

I tried doing something which has worked a long time for me under
Windows 2000 Pro -- I used regedit to set keys for the default user.
Specifically, values under

HKU\.Default\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVer sion\Explorer\Advanced

;Run folder windows in a separate process
; hide/unhide (0/1) file extensions
; show hidden files
; Turn off ballontip on first startup (maybe needs to be 2, not 0)

However, when I create a new user (using lusrmgr.msc) and log in as
that user, none of the default registry entries I set above are
propogated. i.e. File extensions are hidden, hidden files are not
shown, folder windows are not in a separate process, etc.

I tried also setting the keys in HKLM, which didn't help either. I
can't find any of these things in the Group Policy editor (I'm running
standalone, not as part of AD)

Am I missing something? I thought all the Default User keys were
supposed to be copied to all the new users?