Hello everyone -

I have an interesting problem with Windows Media Player 10. If I
double-click on an AVI or WMV file from Windows Explorer, Media Player
*might* play it the first time, but after that the CPU usage jumps to 100%
and the player slows down to where it basically can't play the file.
(Taskmanager shows CPU usage jumping back and forth b/t Explorer and Media

However, if I first load Media Player and then open the file from wihtin it,
the file runs fine every time. I can double-click on mpegs with no playing
trouble. It seems like it may be a problem with Windows Explorer, but what
could the problem be and how do I fix it?

My system is a new AMD64 3200+ on an Abit AV8 motherboard, 1G RAM, nVidia FX
5500 graphics card. This problem is new since installing the CPU/MB combo.

Any ideas or help would be greatly appreciated.