I have some old history items that I can see via Windows Explorer's
history, but I cannot delete them. Note: these are recently opened
documents visible in the Windows Explorer history (*NOT* URLs visible
in IE's history).

I've brought up the history panel in Explorer, I select view 'By Most
Visited'. I right-click the item to be deleted, select delete, get a
confirmation prompt, answer in the affirmative. But the item never gets
deleted or moved to recycle bin. Yet no error message is displayed.

I'm logged in as Administrator on a standalone W2K Pro machine.

Perhaps a related issue, or important clue, is that I do not see ANY
history items in the other views ('By Date', 'By Site', 'By Order
Visited Today'). I only see history items if I select the view 'By Most

[btw what is the the difference between IE History and Windows Explorer
History? Is IE history stored within Explorer history?]

Andover, MA