A few questions about offline files in Windows 2003 server and XP. When
you enable offline files on a folder say MY DOCUMENTS does this enable
offline file for every folder on that profile?? Becasue after I enabled
it there it was enabled everywhere else even in folders that were not
in MY DOCUMENTS. But if the MY DOCUMENTS was not being redirected this
offline files would not do anything?? Also if you go to the share that
you want to be set for offline these have to be synchrozied but when i
created it on the share I did not have that option?? Also with Windows
2003 Server when you enable the offline settings on a share all files
that the users opens will be avaible offline, so files that were not
opened by the user will not be avaible offline? Can someone please help
with the setup of offline files, I'm getting confused enabling offline
files on the workstation or by enabling on the share on the server. Do
you have to do both and how do they get syncronized.