I have an IBM Thinkpad T40 running Windows XP Pro (with all current

When I run a disk check on the C: drive, is the information logged

To run a disk check, I open the Properties window for the C: drive
(the only disk partition it has), select the Tools tab, then click
"Check Now" under "Error-checking", enabling the "Automatically fix
file system errors" and "Scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors"

Since the disk is in use, it can't run the check immediately; instead,
it schedules it for the next reboot. After I reboot, it runs the
scan, which can take several hours. I'm unwilling to sit and watch
it; eventually it finishes the scan and reboots.

After the reboot, there's no indication of what, if anything, the scan
found or repaired. Is this information logged somewhere?

(I'm assuming this isn't an IBM-specific question; if it is, I'll try
to get answers elsewhere.)

Keith Thompson (The_Other_Keith) kst-u@mib.org
San Diego Supercomputer Center <*>
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