I need your kind help with this problem. I am using a windows
2000 professional box (Compaq Presario Desktop), its a standalone
machine with all the updates and all the service packs and fixes.
works like a Charm with no problem at all. However, in the past
three weeks, after bootingUp and logingOn with my Administrator
account password as usual, I get the deskTop image with all the
icons on it, and the status bar with the start Button at the
buttom of the screen. Now, if I try to click the start Button,
the mouse is an hour glass and the computer is not responsive.

I removed all the startUp programs from the startup folder, but
it did not change any thing with this problem at all. If I press
Ctrl-Alt-Delete and logOff and logOn again, the problem will
disapprear and I do not get the Hour glass, and the machine works
just fine again. Weird.

I ran ScanDisk program from a DOS prompt with a startUp flopy
Disk, no problems with the hardDrive whatsoever.

Thanks a lot for your help.