I'm wedded to my trusty manufactured-in-1991 IBM 1391406 keyboard with
detachable cable and PS/2 style plug on my Abit BH6 (SP BIOS) based
system. It has run NT4 SP6 well for some years. I recently upgraded to
Win 2000 Pro SP4 so that I had USB support.

Problem: on power up, the system boots into W2K without complaint but
the keyboard and MS IntelliMouse are not initialised login prompt
with text cursor appears but no mouse pointer and neither device
works. Pressing the hardware reset button reboots the PC and both
devices are initialised and the system then runs flawlessly. No error
messages are reported on-screen or in Event Log. Same symptoms with a
second keyboard of same type but a more recent Dell keyboard does not
suffer from the problem. I've tried tweaking many of the possibly
related BIOS settings without any improvement.

It seems that W2K is not detecting the old keyboard when it boots
after the power is first applied but does detect it after the system
wide hardware reset. I am presuming this is because of the old design
of the control hardware inside the keyboard.

Anyone heard of a similar problem, got an explanation, or (best of
all) is able to suggest a better fix than to do a hardware reset a few
seconds after each power-on?