Until very recently, I was set up to log into my domain (lan) using id
A. However, there was no profile for id A. I was in fact using profile
B. I originally logged into my domain using id B, but for some reason
only known to them, some systems, network or other personnel in this
very large corp said that I had to change my login id to conform to
this new standard. When they did it, somehow they linked this id to my
old profile (thankfully). Recently I encountered a problem unrelated to
this. Yesterday, a tech, while trying to solve the problem, created a
new domain. When that didn't work, he attempted to return the state my
machine to what it was before his changes. Unfortunately, when he did
so, he could not relink id A to profile B. Does anyone know how this is
done? I am using Win XP Pro sp 1.