Hi all,

This may be a obvious question, but I'm baffled.

At system startup on a fresh install of WinXP SP2 w/Symantec Anti-virus
I have 29 processes running. If I look at the memory usage of each
process, the total is roughly 40MB. Now, if I look at the Performance
tab, Windows says 125MB is being used in the paging file. What is
taking up the extra 80MB??

My system only has 128MB of RAM so I'm trying to get rid of any uneeded
processes, but the task manager doesn't really show anything that is
running. Is there another way to look at memory usage? I'm guessing
there must be a number of hidden processes.

Also, what does the Physical Memory: Total, Aviable and System Cache
tell me? Total is what I have installed, but is avaible what is left
on the RAM and system cache was is being used on the hard disk?