I have some new information about the spazzes where apps suddenly take
forever to look up hostnames or open network connections (yet existing
connections function normally) and one of the two NETWORK SERVICES
svchost.exes shows 100% CPU use for several minutes under WinXP.

We'd already determined that no service is shown in the "Starting" state
in the Services control panel when this occurs.

This new information is that when it spazzes out, nothing shows up in
Event Viewer, either in Application, Security, or System. However, when
it *stops* spazzing and starts working normally again:

wuaueng.dll (2760) SUS20ClientDataStore: The database engine started a
new instance (0).

For more information, see Help and Support Center at

This appears under Application.

It looks like it's some ****ed up Windows Update related bull****
slowing my machine down at random times. Maybe whenever it checks for
new updates. I'm guessing either SP2 or one of the recent Security
Patches of the Week(tm) introduced this problem, since it didn't used to

Does anyone know of a way to fix it, short of rolling back an update (or
even SP2), reinstalling, or disabling update notification completely?

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