Hi all,

I have an old laptop that's currently running Win98SE. I would like to
upgrade to Win2000. The catch is, I don't have a CD-ROM drive for this

I'm wondering if the process I used to install Windows 98SE will also
work for Windows 2000. Here's what I did to install 98SE:

1) Install Linux using the FTP install method (I have a second PC with
Linux and an FTP server all set up and running, and the laptop is
connected to this PC via Ethernet)
2) Create a bootable FAT partition using a regular Win98SE rescue
3) Using Linux, copy the entire contents of the Windows 98SE CD-ROM to
a directory in the FAT partition. The CD-ROM is mounted on my second PC
and its contents are transferred to the laptop via FTP. I also copied
the entire contents of a Windows 95 CD-ROM, since my 98SE CD is an
upgrade edition and it will ask for an older version of Windows
sometime during the installation process.
4) Boot the FAT partition on the laptop, cd to the directory created in
step 3, and run SETUP.EXE to start the Windows 98SE installation
5) (Optional) delete the Windows 95 files; they were only needed to
make the Win98SE Upgrade installer happy and serve no other purpose
after that.

This worked fine; of course you sacrifice some space because the entire
Windows 98SE CD-ROM is always on the hard drive -- I could delete it
but it's nice to have around if I ever want to install a driver or
such. I gave Windows a 7 GB partition so the few hundred megabytes I
lose to the CD-ROM copy is not really an issue.

Is this approach applicable to Windows 2000 Pro SP4 as well? I would
love to hear from people who have successfully installed this OS on
CD-ROM-less PCs, using the method described above or something similar.


- Thomas