New projected time of arrival: 2007

Hypothesis: M$ spies got a glimpse at the alpha version of Mac OS X 10.5
Leopard and freaked. Time to play catch up yet again.

(It is expected that Mac developers will receive the first official beta
of Leopard at the Apple World Wide Developer's Conference in August).

Actually, a more believable reason is that once again Microsoft
underestimated the difficulty in overhauling the legacy code in Windows.
Underestimating coding projects is by no means a new phenomenon. Check
out the book 'Mythical Man Month' referenced in my signature below for a
horrific example from back in the early 1970s at IBM.

My usual conclusion: We are still living in the stone age of computing.

Prediction: At this rate Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard will be released before
Vista. But, it is entirely possible that M$ marketing are planning on
delaying Vista until they can release it neck and neck with MOSX
Leopard. Marketing Morons love nonsense like that.

Fortune Magazine, 11-29-05: What's your computer setup today?
Frederick Brooks: I happily use a Macintosh. It's not been equalled for ease
of use, and I want my computer to be a tool, not a challenge.

[Frederick Brooks is the author of 'The Mythical Man Month'. He spearheaded
the movement to modernize computer software engineering in 1975]