Rick Moen wrote:

> Followup-To set, correctively.
> In alt.os.linux.suse John Bailo wrote:
>> Help me please, anyone. My suse installation just does not work.

> [...]
> You're either a fool, a troll, or both.
> o Cross-post to -advocacy newsgroup, check.
> o Failure to set followups, check.
> o Complete and total failure to provide needed information, check.
> I'll be charitable and assume: Troll.


This was not posted by me because I only use my real name and email address,
but by someone using my name.

If you want to call me and verify this I will gladly send you my phone
number, or call you if your in the USA or Canada since I use IP telephony
and all my calls are free.

BTW - the person using my name is currently under investigation by the FBI's
IC3 divison of Identity Theft for mail and postal abuse.