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"Mark Dodel" wrote:

> On Sat, 16 Apr 2005 11:22:16 UTC, "Sid Fidler"
> wrote:
> -> Linux is a very good operating system.....Not!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
> ->
> -> Sid Fidler
> Sid must be one of those severly mentally deficient wintrolls.

Do you mean "one of those wintrolls that are severly mentally deficient" or do
you mean "one of those wintrolls which are severly mentally deficient"?

> His
> post isn't even close to being true. The one thing he left out that
> Linux (as well as the Mac, OS/2 and BSD) don't support are those pesky
> viruses and simple exploits that plague windows users.

I liked the faulty statements of "fact" he so casually threw in: basically any
sentence with the word "standard" in it.

> [FUD4] added to subject so comp.os.os2.advocacy users can filter this
> drivel. See for more on how we deal with
> dipwad trolls.
> Mark

If Macintosh is a luxury cruise ship,
then Linux is a freighter with wood paneling in the officers' quarters.