Dick Cheney wrote:

>> Jimmy Montague wrote:
>>>So, my question: Would it help my windoze security if I quit using
>>>Outlook/Outlook Express and Internet Exploder?

> You bet. While I'm now safely on Linux, my wife is still using a WinXP
> machine. I got her to change from IE to Opera, which she loves (I'm
> thinking of introducing her to MozillaFirebird but I have to work out
> how to transfer her favourites before I suggest it).
> Now we're in the process of finding an alternative email package for her
> so she can ditch Outlook. She already uses 40tude Dialog for newsgroups,
> which is excellent for Usenet, not so good for email. She's currently
> playing with Eudora, but isn't so keen on that (she misses things like
> sent mail automatically going into a 'sent' mailbox, and although McAfee
> integrates with Eudora, if there's a virus-bearing email it seems to
> screw up the mail download). I don't suppose Kmail's available under
> Windows ? ;-)