'Ever since Microsoft announced its intentions to put its software
into phones, TVs and cars we've had to suffer the lamest jokes about
phones, TVs and cars offering Blue Screens of Death (BSODs). We
deplore this kind of unimaginative humor.

However Peter Rysavy, who runs a couple of community sites, one for
Tablet PCs and a sideline on Microsoft's SPOT watches, has been having
trouble with one of his. SPOT stands for 'Smart Personal Object

"Take off a sweater. Touch a thermostat. Have a co-worker touch your
watch. All of those actions can at least temporarily disable your
Abacus watch," he writes.

Help is at hand, however. Peter found a way to revive the watch that
DOS veterans will find reassuringly familiar:

"I tried the three-finger salute for the Abacus (push all three
buttons on the right side - I'm not sure if it's the same for all the
other watches) to reboot it, but nothing much seemed to happen. The
watch eventually turned back on a few minutes later. "

Peter had lost his data, and the watch had reset itself to midnight on
January 1st. A year and a bit into the great SPOT experiment, some
fixes are needed.'

Did we expect anything else? :-)


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