VANCOUVER, British Columbia (AP) -- It's Microsoft versus Mike Rowe-soft.

Rowe, a 17-year-old high school senior and Web designer from Victoria, has
angered the software giant by registering an Internet site with the address

"Since my name is Mike Rowe, I thought it would be funny to add 'soft' to
the end of it," said Rowe.

Microsoft, however, is not amused.

It has demanded that he give up his domain name. In November, Rowe
received a letter from Microsoft's Canadian lawyers informing him he was
committing copyright infringement.

"I didn't think they would get all their high-priced lawyers to come after
me," Rowe said.

He wrote back asking to be compensated for giving up his name. Microsoft's
lawyers offered him $10 in U.S. funds. Then he asked for $10,000.

On Thursday, he received a 25-page letter accusing him of trying to force
Microsoft into giving him a large settlement.

"I never even thought of getting anything out of them," he said, adding
that he only asked for the $10,000 because he was "sort of mad at them for
only offering 10 bucks."

Microsoft company spokesman Jim Desler said Sunday, "Microsoft has been in
communication with Mr. Rowe in a good faith effort to reach a mutually
agreeable resolution."

Rowe is keeping his sense of humor.

"It's not their name. It's my name. I just think it's kind of funny that
they'd go after a 17-year-old," Rowe said.

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