General Protection Fault wrote:
> U of M to get grant from Bill Gates
> Canadian Press
> Tuesday, January 06, 2004
> The University of Manitoba will announce a nearly $22-million grant from
> Microsoft billionaire Bill Gates on Tuesday.

(mj) Here's another point of view:

A quote:

"Gates knows darn well that intellectual property rights laws such as
TRIPS which keep him and Melinda richer than Saddam and the Mafia
combined are under attack by Nelson Mandela and front-line doctors
trying to get cut-rate drugs to the 23 million Africans sick with the
AIDS virus. Gate's brilliant and self-serving solution: he's spending
an itsy-bitsy part of his monopoly profits (the $6 billion spent by
Gates' foundation is less than 2% of his net worth) to buy some drugs
for a fraction of the dying. The bully billionaire's 'philanthropic'
organization is currently working paw-in-claw with the big
pharmaceutical companies in support of the blockade on cheap drug

"Gates' game is given away by the fact that his Foundation has invested
$200 million in the very drug companies stopping the shipment of
low-cost AIDS drugs to Africa.

"Gates says his plan is to reach one million people with medicine by the
end of the decade. Another way to read it: he's locking in a trade
system that will effectively block the delivery of medicine to over 20


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