By DelphiDude

I needed to replace an old Win98 machine for my parents and since they
only surf the web and do nothing else with it, Linux is the natural thing
for them. I could set it up and not worry about keeping them updated
every 3.6 hours with new patches.

Since I didn't really want to give them some massive tower like I usually
build, I decided a small commercial job would be perfect. Once I got to
the store it suddenly occured to me that, why pay for a copy of XP
bloatware that I am just going to feed to the Fdisk monster?

At Best Buy I was informed by the self proclaimed PC guru that Federal law
forbids the sale of any PC without Windows. The first thought I had was
that Bill G is one smart SOB - then after arguing with the clerk for a
couple of minutes, I left for another store. Guess, what? Circuit City,
CompUSA, Office Max all said the same thing! By this time I was cooled
down and started to have fun with the clerks, most of whom think that
because they got a PC for Christmas in the 8th grade that they are IT
professionals. They don't have a clue how little they actually know.

But, anyway, at the end of the afternoon, I had decided that Mr. Gates &
Co. IS a smart SOB. It is brilliant to spread the idea that Windows and a
Commercial PC are legally linked.

So I went to Frys, where I should have gone to start with, told them that
I wanted a small footprint PC without any OS and they said "Will that be
all, sir?"



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