I'm looking for a procedure to convert my iTunes database/filesystem
on Mac OS X to something I can point iTunes winxp to (on a FAT32/NTFS
file system) and/or do some kind of an import via winxp iTunes.


I have an iPod and a G3 running OS X as well as some PCs, including a
PC notebook. I've been syncing my iPod with my G3 for a while, but
now that iTunes is out and seemingly running well (at least for me) on
WinXP, I want to convert my iPod to a windows file system and sync via
the PC (mostly so that I can use the iPod as another storage device in
my PC environment, where I can use it). Yes, I have a USB-capable
iPod (30GB flavor; got the USB/Firewire combo cable, too, for my
Thinkpad T41 which has USB but no firewire).

Got any suggestions? Is it a simple file copy? I suspect not, what
with iTunes "database" file(s) that I've seen, file-naming
conventions, etc. Maybe there's an automated means to do this in
iTunes? Sure would be nice.

Thanks for any help,
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