By David Dearden

Within the last few months, I've started a new job as a 1st liner for an
ISP, and during the indoctrination period I got to spend time with all the
other new recruits. We each worked at an example system, which depending on
the day could be running anything from Windows 98 to XP, Each time the
tutor reimaged the machines, I had to download Firebird again. The person
next to me was very interested to see me use an alternative browser, and I
took some time to show off some of it's features, which my collegue found
most impressive. The person in question quickly migrated to Mozilla at
home, happy to have found an alternative.

Later on, I mentioned my appreciation of Linux as a flexible, free OS, and
was given a copy of SuSE by the tutor to play with, I quickly installed it
on a demo machine, which, other than a broken PS/2 port (Hardware Problem)
worked fine, and was installed in 45 minutes, in which time I only had to
press enter about three times. I took this copy home and installed it on my
home machine, where it has stayed ever since.

Imagine my surprise when I bumped into the Mozilla convert (My collegue
works different shifts) and she proudly exclaimed, "I'm running Linux
now!". She had taken the time to look on the web and download Fedora Core,
which she is quite happy with, she has also borrowed the venerable copy of
SuSE and plans to have a play with that. Another satisfied customer

Another collegue of mine seems quite resistant to the idea of trying
alternatives to Microsoft, she feels that she has spent so much time and
effort swearing and cursing to learn Windows that she does not want to
learn anything new. In fact she won't even try a different browser on
Windows! IE all the way, and a reformat every year to get rid of the
ActiveX spyware. She may have to learn a little soon though, as part of her
Web Design course is on CGI and Perl, which gives her the opportunity of
learning about a Linux webserver... There is hope yet


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