By Tony Sivori

Microsoft kind of reminds me of my children when they were about two years
old. They loved to share - that is, as long as they were on the receiving
end of the sharing. If they had to give, there was much screaming and
kicking involved.

Microsoft loves to respect intellectual property and trademarks, as long
as it is their IP and trademarks being respected. But when it comes to
respecting the property of others, Microsoft must be dragged to court,
kicking and screaming like a spoiled two year old.

Unfortunately for Microsoft, unlike small children MS doesn't have cute
and cuddly moments to make up for the bad behavior.

From The Register:

"Microsoft was sued again this week. Game developer Mythic Entertainment
has accused the Beast of Redmond of infringing its trademark and engaging
in unfair competition."

"This past Friday Mythic filed a complaint with the US District Court for
Eastern Virginia. It claims that Microsoft's up-coming online multiplayer
role-playing game Mythica infringes on its name and trademark. Mythic
itself specialises in... er... online multiplayer game."

"Mythic's Dark Age of Camelot is a "massively multi-player online
roleplaying game based on Arthurian legends, Norse mythology and Celtic
lore." A key Mythica inspiration is "Norse mythology"."

"Given Microsoft's sensitivity to brand names that come close to its own -
Lindows most obviously, for which it is sueing the company behind that
Linux distro - we're surprised it could make such a gaffe."

"However it managed it, it's going to have to pay up, if Mythic gets its
way. The games company wants a permanent injunction against Microsoft
banning it from using the Mythica name - and it wants unspecified
financial damages and legal fees."

"Mythic claims it asked Microsoft to change the name of the game, but
Microsoft refused. Obviously that 'a' makes all the difference, as the 'L'
in Lindows so clearly doesn't."


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