Sun offers Linux OS
( 2003-12-29 09:50) (China Daily)

US software giant Sun Microsystems is so confident in the ability of its
Linux operating system (OS) that it is offering a huge number of the
software packages to the Chinese Government.

John Cage, chief researcher at Sun Microsystems Laboratories, said: "The
development of Linux will achieve a great breakthrough next year, as IT
giants have taken steps to China to boost the software's application and
take on rival Microsoft's monopoly.''

Linux is a cheaper software standard OS that can be copied and modified
freely, compared with Microsoft's Windows OS, which is based on
proprietary programming.

One obvious challenge for Microsoft has been the view that Windows is
too prone to virus and hacker attacks, Cage said.

Sun last month reached an agreement to install its Linux desktop
software on more than 200 million computers in China.

Under the agreement, China Standard Software Co -- a consortium of
companies supported by the Chinese Government -- will purchase Sun's
Java Desktop System. Initially, Sun will roll out 500,000 to 1 million
licenses by the end of next year, but that number will likely grow to
more than 200 million.

Cage said the company is going to further tighten up its co-operation
with Chinese software developers and research organizations and

In September, China, Japan and South Korea announced that they will work
together to produce an open-source alternative to the Windows OS.

In fact, many experts hope the Chinese Government will take the lead by
providing Linux-based applications with a solid launching pad.


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