"Simply Change"

....SuSE's new advertising campaign is more than a fancy new corporate
catch-phrase. It is a declaration of the fact that Linux has become
user-friendly enough to completely replace Microsoft Windows on
desktop computers. Non-technical users can now enjoy the benefit of a
highly stable and secure open-source operating system, without losing
the software support that they had when using Windows. In fact, the
number of available programs for Linux has already surpassed that of
MacOS X, and has almost matched that of Windows. Hardware support is
no longer an issue either, as most mainstream Linux distributions
include drivers for nearly every existing hardware device on the

In addition to a superior variety of software and great hardware
support, Linux also has great technical support. If a user is
experiencing a problem with Linux, he/she can get help through various
online communities, including IRC channels and message boards. Many
commercial Linux distributions even offer live 24-hour support over
the phone.

If Linux is such a superior operating system, why isn't everyone using
it? Many people don't even know it exists. Microsoft uses a large
amount of advertising and financial incentives(bribes) to promote the
use of Windows and its software. As a community product, Linux does
not have this advantage. Linux is getting some exposure, thanks to
several of the world's leading computer companies; but the advancement
of Linux into the desktop market still depends heavily on
word-of-mouth recommendations from its existing user base. So E-Mail
your friends, and tell them about the killer app that is Linux.

-Nick Ballard
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