By Terry

Last night at the local GNU/Linux user group, I dropped a
"Damnsmall GNU/Linux" (50MB) live-CD into a notebook that had a PCMIA
wireless adaptor.

It booted up in a few seconds, found and configured the wireless card
for DHCP, found and set up the USB mouse and I was presented with a nice
XWindows LCD screen with the Dillo GUI browser. I entered and
was presented with the Google search phrase entry box.

Damnsmall is a Knoppix derivative.

It just doesn't get any easier than this, in fact it's the first
GNU/Linux install I've ever done that required no manual intervention
other than putting the CD in the drive.


A fatal exception 0E has occurred at 0028:C000BD1D in VXD VMM(01) +
0000AD1D. The current application will be terminated.