Somewhere around the time of 10/12/2003 10:38, the world stopped and
listened as asdf@jkl.jkl contributed this to humanity:

> A spectre is haunting the world -- the spectre of the Linux Zealot.
> What the Linux Zealot is will appear evident to whoever has
> experienced or came in contact with the discussions which daily rage
> the Web disguised as news, e-mails, reference material, etc.
> The Linux Zealot, is nothing but an animal wandering unceasingly in
> virtual and true reality (which moreover he treats in the same way)
> claiming to be an authority on the Linux operating system, an
> out-and-out guarantor for everyone's freedom, opposed to any safeguard
> of intellectual works (for a Linux zealot, the expression "copyright"
> is tantamount to sin against the Holy Spirit: there is no kind of
> expiation); in fact, he champions software freedom as a fundamental
> point for world evolution.

Looks like Microsoft claimed another victim.
Daniel Rudy

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