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>A spectre is haunting the world -- the spectre of the Linux Zealot.

Not the world, faygeleh, you.

>What the Linux Zealot is will appear evident to whoever has
>experienced or came in contact with the discussions which daily rage
>the Web disguised as news, e-mails, reference material, etc.

Bung are you a dvitch! The Internet is not the Web.

>But first and foremost, the Linux zealot is a deeply dangerous being
>as he claims to be the guardian of truth, and looks with suspicion
>(when it goes off well) or scorn (for the rest of cases, i.e. most
>of them) those people who simply think differently from him.

Really? I run OS/2 as my preferred system. The overwhelming majority
of Linux users are cool with that. It's the wintrolls that feel
threatened by my running a different system from theirs, because in
their hearts of hearts they know that they are running a FPOS.

But don't get me wrong. I don't want you to migrate to *BSD, Linux or
OS/2. I believe that they arew too good for gutter trash like you.

>The Linux zealot will claim that it is a different operating system
>from all other ones. But this is not the case.

You haven't got a clue, do you?

>Linux is freely distributable, not free of charge.

Nope, you don't. The fact that it is freely distributable means that
you can get it free of charge. That has nmothing to do with the
question of whether someone might pay for a copy because it is in a
more convenient form or simply to support the developers.

>And most of all, they should explain the fact that companies like
>Red Hat are regularly listed on the stock exchange, and Mr. Linux
>Torvalds enjoys a rather high standard of living.

Hey tonto, air is free of charge and people still sell it.

Your fantasy is far too long to remain amusing. GOAT.

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