I am currently completing a Master's Degree dissertation,
I would be very appreciative of input from users of this group.

The dissertation is looking at three OSs: Red Hat 9, OS X and Windows XP
and examining the benefits and drawbacks of each in a clerical working
environment (i.e. office work involving the sort of thing a secretary or
office admin would do).

I am interested in information from admins and software managers as well
as users who have experienced Windows XP in a corporate environment. What
are your experiences with Windows XP, as a system admin or manager have
there been any major problems or surprisingly good features, and from
a user have you experienced anything you did or didn't like?

The information will be used in a dissertation, however participants in
this thread will remain completely anonymous.

Thank-you for your input, it will be very valuable to my work.

Robert Polding, MSc Information Systems, The University of Sheffield