Hola Hud,

Alternative 1)
Your friend should buy a bare-bones PC without any MS Windows or MS
Office. Software licenses make most of the retail-PCs very very expensive !

And ask him to install top-quality (all included) Linux distribution in
it. Check: http://www.futuredesktop.org/#distrolist
Eg. Mandrake, Suse and RedHat are all professional systems.

Alternative 2)
Buy a ready-made low cost PC from http://wwww.lindows.com
(--> http://koobox.com/ )

Ref. http://www.lindows.com/lindows_produ...hp?desktop=yes

Ref: http://info.lindows.com/LindowsRock/

Play demo : http://info.lindows.com/tutor/

Good luck to u and your friend.
Mac is cool too.

See you there.

Hud wrote:
> To All.
> A friend of mine is interested in buying a low cost PC not a cheap pc. what
> can you suggest. I know a lot of people had problems with Compaq but the HP
> computers that they replaced them with worked ok. But now HP an Compaq are
> the same. So what is good out there.
> I am a hard core Mac user so I reall don't know much about PC quality.
> thanks
> Hud