Llort Agig wrote:
> Linux is crap.
> discuss !

http://www.futuredesktop.org says:

Why do you say that ? It cannot be true at all !
I'am using Linux every day (both RedHat 9 and VectorLinux).

Why is Linux so usefull ?

* I make all my writings, email, calc etc. in Linux.
Eg. OpenOffice, KOffice, Ximian Evolution email are all
excellent tools.

* I do programming; All languages available out of the box,
Tools are good too.

* Linux has many other necessary gadgets: movie and media players, draw
and games. etc. if you like.

* Linux is freely available. Runs with top-speed on latest computers but
also very well on older cpu/hw.

* Linux is educational. The source code is openly available. You can
study and improve it and learn so much.

* Windows seems to be a very closed system ! Why ???
Why be slave for something which is owned by others ?

* Young people who use and study Linux seems to be better (than other OS
users) in computer related subjects.

All the best,
Welcome !