Hello, my first time here.

I want to build a HTPC to use instead of my hifi system. But I am having some
questions that need answering - and where is a better place to do this than in
a group totally devoted to tout the advantages of Windows?

Here is the deal: I have a PC, a projector, a TV and two VGA displays. One of
the monitors is a 19" CRT monitor sitting in my office room, and the other one
is (going to be) a 6-8" LCD (maybe touch-) screen which will be built in to the
computer case.

As I see it, I will require two video cards, one with DVI, VGA and S-Video out
for my projector (let's call it GFX1), office monitor and TV respectively and
then a second VGA card (GFX2) to drive my small screen - which won't be showing
any 3D games or something, so any vanilla card should do fine.

Now for my questions:

Is there a way, software-wise to make GFX1 to be the 'main' card, and thus is
the one that defaults to show me DVD movies, games and the likes? Can I also,
some way, control it so that I use some form of HTPC software (such as http://myhtpc.net) and make sure that that is shown
on the other, smaller, monitor?

You see, I want to use the small built-in monitor as an interface for the
machine, to turn on/off the radio, see title information from my mp3 songs and
so on, but I want the meat (such as the actual movie, mp3 player visualizer,
photo slide show) to be shown on the main monitor.

Or perhaps it would be better to have GFX2 to be the main card, and "port" the
output of dvd's and the likes to the other card? But how does it work with

Oh, and another thing - in GFX1 - is there a way o "mirror" the screen to all
outputs at the same time? Meaning that I can watch DVD on my TV aswell as on my
VGA monitor? I know Macs will do this just fine with their multi-connector

Heck, I'll add some oher HTPC-related questions to the post:

As I said, I wanted to have a built in LCD monitor in the case (I am looking at
a chieftec case with a door, and making a hole in the door to place the screen
in), but I am also interested in knowing wether there exists some form of
"button panel" which I can attach to a regular 5.25" drive mount? I'm looking
for something with programmable buttons that I can use for play/pause/skip and
such things. And a volume knob wouldn't hurt very much...

Thanks in advance! Oh, and to make it perfectly clear - this is not a post to
claim that Windows probably can't do anything of this and that some other
operating system can - I really have no idea.